The company, which started under the name of Bayhan Machine in 1974, ended the production of Jacquard machines as of 1996.

Ali Bayhan Textile entered into fabric manufacturing and weaving under the name of Alibayhan Textile. From this year forth, it continued to produce by multiplying its understanding of quality day by day and succeeded in becoming the new name of quality with the Isse brand.

Home, workplaces, etc. In short, Alibayhan Textile, which adds a different color to our house with high quality curtains produced all over our living areas, continues to play a serious role in the modern decoration of our homes with polyester and similar varieties of wicker in production of the new generation of roller curtain.

Alibayhan Textile, which solidifies its position with 38 years of experience in the textile sector with Isse brand, is getting popularity and appreciation by the consumers day by day.